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“ANDINA PACK 2024” ended perfectly

December 6, 2023

At the "ANDINA PACK 2024" packaging exhibition that ended on November 30, 2023, FOCUS PAPER won a lot of attention and praise with its cutting-edge packaging technology and excellent product display.


"ANDINA PACK 2024" is Colombia's annual packaging and processing technology exhibition, attracting professionals and companies from all over the world. This exhibition focuses on the latest developments and technologies in the packaging and printing industry.


During the exhibition, FOCUS PAPER not only introduced the application of label technology in various fields to customers, but also promoted the hot melt adhesive composite machine with its core technology. As a specialty paper and machine supplier, with upstream and downstream industrial chain extension services, FOCUS can provide customers with a more professional and more comprehensive development strategy.


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Overall, "ANDINA PACK 2024" was a highly successful exhibition for FOCUS PAPER. The company's product displays received a lot of recognition and praise, and the company also collected a lot of valuable market information and customer feedback. This exhibition not only enhanced the company's brand image but also provided new opportunities for its future business development.


We would like to thank all the customers and friends who supported us at the exhibition. We believe that in the future, by continuing to work together and promoting the development and progress of the paper printing industry, we can achieve more win-win situations.