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FOCUS PAPER achieved great success at the "Saudi Print & Pack 2024" exhibition

May 16, 2024

Specialty paper manufacturer-FOCUS PAPER achieved great success at the "Saudi Print & Pack 2024" exhibition held from May 6 to 9, 2024, with its excellent products and professional services. As one of the exhibitors, FOCUS PAPER displayed its innovative specialty paper products during the exhibition, attracting the attention of many visitors and industry experts.


The "Saudi Print & Pack 2024" exhibition is the largest printing and packaging industry event in Saudi Arabia, attracting the participation of many well-known domestic and foreign companies and professionals. As a company with rich experience and excellent reputation in the field of special paper production, FOCUS PAPER fully demonstrated its innovative products and leading technology at this exhibition.


FOCUS PAPER's booth displays a variety of specialty paper products, including high-quality thermal paper, carbonless copy paper, glassine paper, and paper machine, etc. These products have reached the highest standards in the industry in terms of quality, and also have advanced features in terms of functionality to meet the needs of different users. CARBONLESS PAPER - High smoothness and sharper impression can bring you fresh feeling. THERMAL PAPER - Excellent printing performance & High smoothess is welcomed by top level supermarket, banks and government.


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During the exhibition, the FOCUS PAPER delegation conducted extensive exchanges and cooperation with visitors and industry experts from all over the world. They introduced the company's industrial chain and technical advantages in detail, and had in-depth discussions with potential customers about cooperation opportunities. Through communication with industry professionals, FOCUS PAPER further deepened its understanding of market needs and trends, laying the foundation for future product development and market expansion.


Michael, head of exhibition at FOCUS PAPER, said: “We are very pleased with the results achieved at the ‘Saudi Print & Pack 2024’ exhibition. This exhibition provides us with an excellent platform to showcase our products and technologies, and we We have established meaningful partnerships with many potential customers and we will continue to work on innovation and quality to provide better specialty paper products to the global printing and packaging industry.”


The successful conclusion of the "Saudi Print & Pack 2024" exhibition marks the further consolidation and development of FOCUS PAPER in the Saudi Arabian market. The successful experience of the exhibition will provide strong support for FOCUS PAPER in future business expansion and encourage the company to continue to lead the innovation and development of the specialty paper industry.