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59g Yellow Blue Sticker Silicone Coated Release Paper Sheets SGS

59g Yellow Blue Sticker Silicone Coated Release Paper Sheets SGS

  • High Light

    59g silicone coated release paper


    Yellow Blue silicone coated release paper


    sticker release paper sheets SGS

  • Material
    100% Wood Pulp
  • Usage
    Base Paper For Stickers And Packing Or Label Or Adhesive Product
  • Color
  • GSM
    57-60 G/m²
  • Smoothness
    ≥1600 S
  • Tightness
    ≥1.0 G/m³
  • Feature
    Greaseproof/Waterproof/Moisture Proof
  • Thickness
  • Whiteness
  • Oil Absorption
    ≤1.6 G/m²
  • Size
  • Product Name
    Blue Silicone Release Glassine Paper For Label
  • Coating Material
    Silicone , PE
  • Sample
    Available , Free(Frieght Collected)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    SGS, FSC
  • Model Number
    Glassine Paper
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    50 tons
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    30-45 working days
  • Supply Ability
    10000 tons per month

59g Yellow Blue Sticker Silicone Coated Release Paper Sheets SGS

Well Quality White Yellow Blue Silicon Coated Glassine Release Paper Roll Manufacturer


57-60gsm glassine paper is quite nice-looking paper but with friendly price. Glassine paper with grammages below 45gsm has two kinds of quality, ordinary and top type. For special use we can slit rolls into sheets for you. There are different colors for glassine paper. These colors are not printed ones but color dye in the paper pulp when making paper in the paper mill. The highest art of Silicone Coated Release Paper is first printed with designed pattern then last coated with silicone. FOCUS Paper has long-term partner, printing house providing stable quality printing then deliver printed paper to our own managed silicone-coating machine for last procedure.


Glassine paper is glossy and translucent. We have bleached and unbleached white for you to choose. Glassine paper has excellence of smooth on both sides, transparency, tensile strength and twist stability. It is ideal for conservation application, such as protecting delicate artworks, drawings, photographs, documents, etc. It can also be used to wrap food, gift, soap and other commodities.


Glassine Release Paper is a silicone coated release paper, with the silicone, it is very slippery on surface, making it ideally suited for adhesive sticker producing. We provide thickness from 40 to 120gsm in jumbo rolls.



Product Name 58g blue glassine Production batch FP21021233
Product Grade A grade Specification 58g reel
Item UNIT Standard Inspection Result Standard
GSM g/㎡ 57-60 57.89 GB/T 451.2
Thickness mm 0.046-0.055 0.0471 GB/T 451.3
Tightness g/cm³ ≥1.0 1.26 GB/T 451.3
Whiteness % ≥30 37.51 GB/T 797
Transparency % ≥30 38.55 GB/T 2679.1
Oil Absorption g/㎡ ≤1.6 1.12 GB/T 29282
Tensile Strength WD KN/m ≥4.55 5.21 GB/T 12914
CD ≥2.55 2.775 GB/T 12914
Smoothness Front S ≥1600 3162 GB/T 456
Back 519 GB/T 456
Mositure % 4.0-8.0 6.7 GB/T 462




Glassine paper is mainly used as a common material for barcode labels, self-adhesives, tapes or sticky industrial products.

Glassine paper belongs to industrial paper. First of all, the texture of its backing paper is relatively uniform and fine, and the light transmittance is relatively good. It is a common material for making stickers, labels and tapes. It is especially suitable for flat die cutting, etc. Second, it has good moisture-proof, oil-proof and high-temperature resistance properties, and is generally widely used in the medical and food industries, mainly including special tapes for high-speed automatic labeling, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, medical tapes and Release paper for dressing products, etc.


Glassine paper (GLASSINE/SCK0: The backing paper is dense and uniform, with good internal strength and light transmittance. It is a common material for making bar code labels, self-adhesives, tapes or sticky industrial products, especially for rotary and flat die cutting.

Glassine paper has the functions of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and oil resistance, and is generally used for packaging in food, medicine and other industries. Mainly used for: high-speed automatic labeling (especially suitable for high-speed labeling) special tapes, double-sided tape substrate trademarks, laser anti-counterfeiting labels and other release applications, etc.

The main use in medical products is as a release liner for tapes and dressing products. The commonly used gram weight is 60g~120g.

What is the difference between glassine paper and release paper? Glassin is a base paper name. Release paper is a coated paper. Glassine paper can also be coated to make release paper.


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